Downstream Services

Static and dynamic studies of pipe flexibility.

Finite element studies (FEA) of piping systems, equipment, mechanical parts and structures.

Design and calculation of pressure vessels.

Remaining life studies (fatigue) and types of repair of pipes and pressure equipment.

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) studies and analysis of phenomena such as Water hammer, Plug flow, Biphasic and three-phase flows.

Upstream Services

They provide integral subsurface solutions.

They increase the sustained productivity of wells producing hydrocarbons.

They improve the handling of refining and surface products.

They contribute to preserve the environment and the planet.

They increase the utility of the company.

In-house Training

Static Flexibility Analysis in Pipelines
Static Flexibility Analysis in Pipelines
Analysis by Finite Element method (FEA)

Design of pipes according to ASME B31.3

Oil engineering for non-tankers
Reservoir Engineering for non-tankers

Interpretation of well logs

Petrophysical Evaluation 101
Petrophysics in classical fields
Petrophysics in carbonate deposits
Petrophysics in non-conventional shales

Probabilistic petrophysical models
Water saturation models

Conventional and special analysis of cores

Integrated reservoir study

FEL Methodology